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To view a technical overview of small scale NSRS units click here
For larger municipal sized units please inquire to GWPT directly.  

Imagine This Solution

  • It solves our garbage problems
  • It exceeds environmental standards
  • Smaller scale units do not require an environmental assessment
  • It is not experimental
  • It is protected by patents,
  • It's financially viable with a 5-6 year Return on Investment 

Our NSRS technology is this solution: converting unsorted municipal solid waste residue (MSW), bio-medical waste, agricultural and wood biomass, industrial waste, automobile tires, E waste plastics, oily waste, sludges and hazardous waste at any scale.

Converting wastes into useful heat and electrical energy is GWPT’s business. We have devoted years to the development of patented technologies that feasibly solve our garbage problems, and reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG). With our NSRS technology we have the most energy efficient and arguably most economically competitive system for addressing any type of solid waste disposal. Our NSRS technology is a 21st century, waste consumable, environmentally friendly, state of the art technology that meets all environmental standards set down by the US Environmental Protection Act. Through our combined research and strategic alliances our associated providers rank top among all global remediation technologies.  

  • Most cost effective waste processor in existence
  • Highest energy conversion efficiency (up to 80%)
  • Recycles glass aluminum and metals (100%)
  • Scalable from 20 kW to 20Mw (Micro Material and Energy Recovery Converter (MERC) sized up to community scale for municipalities)
  • No noise, odour, smoke, landfill or methane emissions (due to GHG offsets of 2 tonnes per tonne of waste processed)
  • In place federal participation with GWPT
  • Min 2 tonnes GHG mitigation per tonne NSRS processed


Now is the time to Contact GWPT about your waste conversion projects.

Sample Markets

NSRS is highly flexible and scalable technology that can be applied to a wide range of waste conversion situations. The following form the Key markets of an enormous pool of waste diversion targets to choose from. Equipment leasing options are available to reduce up front capital cost and risk.

Municipal Landfill

Municipal Landfill Reclamation

By accepting new waste for conversion and recycling the NSRS MERC can also contribute to recovering urban waste lands by processing yesterday’s garbage (as well as landfill gas processing) to create renewable energy;
Health & Medical

Health & Medical

Expensive waste management processes are eliminated on site with off the shelf MERC technology for medical facilities and Hospitals. All red bag, black bag and sharps can be readily and safely dealt with on site.
Urban & Commercial

Urban & Commercial

Self-contained commercial sites – NSRS MERC recycles and converts the waste from commercial businesses, remote communities, military bases, cruise ships, tire dumps, E-waste facilities, university and industrial campuses without other infrastructure or landfill requirements. For residential applications MERC accepts heterogeneous household waste directly at the transfer station, newly planned condominium, or small community with potential for integrating greenhouse growing needs. For urban high density situations - waste from residential high rise, office buildings, and hotels can be converted and recycled in situ.
Biomass Agriculture

Biomass and By-product Streams

NSRS MERC can extract energy from agriculture, forestry wood waste and RDF pellets, post consumer and post production biomass waste and oily wastes, fisheries and food production waste, purpose grown crops (Switchgrass or Mecanthus grass) where grain or produce cannot grow. Other options include carbon char creation for soil conditioning and GHG fixing.

If your applications falls outside the range of these examples, please contact to discuss the opportunity.



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 The BEAR (Bio-Energy Access and Recovery) System is set to be demonstrated this spring in Ontario utilizing waste wood as feed stock for a co-generation output of 50 kW of electricity and 85 kW of heat continuously coming from a compact shipping container sized min-plant. GWPT's new website will provide details later this spring.    ... more>>
@import url(/gwpt/greenkiteeditorstyle.css); A new biomass to energy technology called the BEAR (Bio-energy Access and Recovery) system has been given the green light for design and development at GWPT in order to fast track the delivery of a commercial biomass waste only system. The new BEAR 1500-50 mini biomass (predominantly woody biomass) utility under early development is being fostered along side the MERC 2000-4000 heterogeneous waste processor which has also been renamed the BEAR 2500-85.... more>>

Together with Fulton Engineered Specialties GWPT completes the first stage of the gas filtration modules and heat exchangers on the MERC 4000 stand-alone micro waste converter in Caledon Ontario. Final engine selection and CPU design is slated for June 2014 with CANMET and 3rd party advisors prior to delivery to CANMET in Ottawa for testing this fall.

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The owners of the LEED designed home at 53 Hemford Crescent,   have sold the state-of-the-art custom built '2 Spruce House' designed by Steve Poulos of GWPT to a local Toronto family,

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GWPT completes the structural framework for the MERC 4000

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