Global Warming Prevention Technologies

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Cleantech Development

GWPT is an innovative design and project development company that researches, develops and delivers patented processes and associated technology to resolve the urgent need for:

  • Increased efficiencies of energy consumption
  • Beneficial use of waste biomass and heterogeneous waste in the form of heat and power 
  • Emission controls
  • Water purification

GWPT's premier technology launch features a revolutionary renewable energy system, The Natural State Reduction System. See 'Waste Conversion' under the 'Solutions' tab.

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Environmental Design and Planning

Working with local government project planners,
and site specific owners and developers,GWPT performs and coordinates the environmental and architectural design of engineered ecological solutions: More than a technology provider,GWPT coordinates:

Advanced Sustainable planning, design and development
LEED rated design for buildings and complexes
Model developments using the Best Available Technologies (BAT) and practices.
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@import url(/gwpt/greenkiteeditorstyle.css); A new biomass to energy technology called the BEAR (Bio-energy Access and Recovery) system has been given the green light for design and development at GWPT in order to fast track the delivery of a commercial biomass waste only system. The new BEAR 1500-50 mini biomass (predominantly woody biomass) utility under early development is being fostered along side the MERC 2000-4000 heterogeneous waste processor which has also been renamed the BEAR 2500-85.... more>>

In fiscal 2014 construction was completed on the mobile steel frame and platform (MFP) that carries the entire system for crane pick-up including operable gates and transport lugs. The gas filtration regime design/build process was begun (originally planned for construction at the CETC)   and all key components were positioned on the base frame bringing together the entire prototype as a whole.

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