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Global Warming Prevention Technologies Inc. (GWPT) is an expanding Canadian-based corporation that provides advanced research, Essential Design and Technologies to address pressing environmental needs, in association with consumers, local governments and private industry.

By providing alternative solutions to the 4 essential ‘Circle of Life’ technology sectors GWPT aims to lower the end costs, and overall societal costs associated with these industries by factors that until now were not possible. These four sectors come together through the essential work of innovative design and planning:


Energy Energy Energy Conservation by design using Advanced Technologies
Earth Earth Waste Conversion and Recycling Technologies
Air Air Emission Control Technologies
Water Water Water Treatment and Purification Technologies


O The Natural State Reduction System (NSRS), one of the Key GWPT owned patented processes, converts waste into clean recyclables and usable energy. Now more than ever, GWPT has the only proven solution that government and private sectors are looking for: waste conversion and full recycling systems that are cheaper than landfill, produce saleable energy, and do not represent incineration. The elimination of landfills in Canada alone will reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by about 40 million tonnes annually. MORE >>

O A Research and Development Agreement between The CANMET Energy and Technologies Centre (CETC) at Natural Resources Canada and GWPT was created to obtain analytical and evaluation testing on GWPT’s patented waste gasification process. The CETC is participating together with the National Research Council to help procure a compact and portable Micro Material and Energy Recovery Converter (MERC) with testing fall of 2014.

O We are also researching and developing other global warming prevention technologies for the future preservation of our biosphere. The Scrubbing Ionized Rain Tunnel, another GWPT owned patented process, aims to reduce toxic coal fired power plant emissions to zero by capturing them in an advanced, easily maintained, closed loop ionized water delivery system. As well the final clean CO2 emissions can be sequestered within the tunnel to form a calcium carbonate product or other advanced CO2 technology applications.

O Water Purification is another essential GWPT technology. The provision of clean accessible water for all has been declared by the United Nations as a basic human right. The synergy of electricity from biomass or waste to provide the energy required to run a basic water and filtration pump will help alleviate many remote communities now deprived of these necessities. Disaster Relief efforts can be enhanced as well by the implementation of these combined technologies.

O GWPT specializes in LEED certified homes and commercial buildings. The horizon is limitless on cleaner and more effective ways to produce and conserve heat and power in the early planning stages, and to assist communities and industries with the Essential Designs to meet advanced emissions standards for the purpose of preventing global warming and providing profit to end users and GWPT investors.

GWPT is partnered with several Industry leading fabricators and global manufacturers. For a current list of consortium members see Partners and Testing Facilities.

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 The BEAR (Bio-Energy Access and Recovery) System is set to be demonstrated this spring in Ontario utilizing waste wood as feed stock for a co-generation output of 50 kW of electricity and 85 kW of heat continuously coming from a compact shipping container sized min-plant. GWPT's new website will provide details later this spring.    ... more>>
@import url(/gwpt/greenkiteeditorstyle.css); A new biomass to energy technology called the BEAR (Bio-energy Access and Recovery) system has been given the green light for design and development at GWPT in order to fast track the delivery of a commercial biomass waste only system. The new BEAR 1500-50 mini biomass (predominantly woody biomass) utility under early development is being fostered along side the MERC 2000-4000 heterogeneous waste processor which has also been renamed the BEAR 2500-85.... more>>

Together with Fulton Engineered Specialties GWPT completes the first stage of the gas filtration modules and heat exchangers on the MERC 4000 stand-alone micro waste converter in Caledon Ontario. Final engine selection and CPU design is slated for June 2014 with CANMET and 3rd party advisors prior to delivery to CANMET in Ottawa for testing this fall.

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The owners of the LEED designed home at 53 Hemford Crescent,   have sold the state-of-the-art custom built '2 Spruce House' designed by Steve Poulos of GWPT to a local Toronto family,

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GWPT completes the structural framework for the MERC 4000

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